Financial apps

Are you committed to improving your financial fitness? Why not get your iPhone to cooperate!

We have found some really helpful apps to help you manage your finances.

Download them from the app store now. And if there's a great app you use - we'd love to hear about it. Email us at

Track My Spend

Use TrackMySpend to record the following types of expenses:

  • Your weekly household budget
  • Costs for special events like weddings or celebrations
  • Work or travel expenses
  • Coffees, lunches and any other cash expenses that you find hard to record

Price: Free on iPhone or Android.

Money Health Check

This free MoneySmart app helps you check if your finances are under control, with simple steps to improve any gaps.

Answer some quick questions and you'll find out if your finances are under control or could be better, and what areas need attention. This financial health check can be used by all types of people, young or old, well-off or struggling.

Price: Free on iPhone or Android.


TrackMyGOALS integrates techniques that we know work for successful savers. TrackMyGOALS allows you to set, plan, track and manage savings goals and visualise your progress towards achieving those goals.

Price: Free on iPhone or Android.

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