Manage your money

Looking for financial advice? ASIC (the Australian Securities & Investments Commission) has created MoneySmart, a great website designed to help you make the most of your money.

Women's money toolkit 

The women's money toolkit has tips and tools to help you manage your money, gain an edge on your finances and deal with life's ups and downs.

Why use MoneySmart?

MoneySmart answers all the basic questions you need to know about your finances, as well as more comprehensive guides. It covers:

  • budgeting
  • banking
  • income tax
  • insurance
  • credit cards
  • loans
  • superannuation and retirement
  • investing
  • property
  • avoiding scams

Under-25 or over-55? There are dedicated sections of the website with more relateable information for you.

The TrackMySpend App

Trying to improve your budgeting or curb impulse buying? The TrackMySpend App is perfect for tracking your expenses, allowing you to set yourself limits and reminders to keep yourself in check.

Calculators and tools

MoneySmart also offers a huge number of calculators and tools that cover nearly every aspect of finance you could imagine, including:

  • managing my money (budgeting and saving)
  • borrowing and credit
  • superannuation
  • retirement
  • investing

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