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Anthony Trimboli

"Try it, it's all worth it!"

Find out how eliminating junk food and processed food helped Anthony lose 65 kilos in 18 months.

Stephen - Tuggerah, Centra Coast

"Follow your dreams. People with a disability can do anything that they want to."

Stephen's inspiration is his late father as he decided to start writing a novel. Know more about his wonderful story on how he achieved his dream by starting to act on it.

Aaron Clarke - Support Worker, Southern NSW

"What ever your goal is in life go for it and don't limit yourself based on how you feel others might perceive you. Think positive and don't give up on your goal."

Learn from Aaron Clarke on how he became a fully qualified Soldier Truck Driver from being a victim of bullying and having low self esteem.

Scott Sheppard - Executive General Manager, Queensland

"It is absolutely critical that you look after yourself and make the time to live a healthy and happy life that incorporates your work, if you don't do it no-one else will!"

Imagine someone who needed to lose weight but cannot simply do it because he was too high of a risk. Learn how Scott Shepard was able to achieve it through his change of lifestyle and work life balance.

Justin - Support Worker, Southern NSW

"Do not be disappointed if you do not achieve your goal first time. You gave it a go and that is what it is all about."

Justin, support worker from our Southern region, struggled with addiction for years. In this interview he shares his story of perseverance and recovery.

Tamena - Support Worker, Sydney

"Never give up on something you're passionate about. If we always expect to fail then we will fail."

After being told at the age of 30 that she needed a full hip replacement, Tamena thought her sporty days were over. But Tamena did not let this tamper with her spirits! After surgery and months or physio and training, she achieved her goal of running a 10km fun run!

Toni - Service Coordinator, Hunter Region

"There's always going to be something to put a spanner in the works. It really is a case of mind over matter."

Toni, from the Hunter region, has struggled with type 2 diabetes after being diagonsed 14 years ago, struggling to maintain glucose levels within a healthy range. Aiming to get her diabetes back under control, we interviewed her about how far her progress has gone!

Garry - Operations Manager

"Just start today. Wellbeing as a goal starts today, not tomorrow."

Last year, Garry completed his first road marathon and ran 53kms or over 135 laps for Relay for Life in Newcastle raising money for the cancer council in November, learn more how he became successful in completing the marathon at the age of 53!  

Korina - Volunteer

"You I can do it because I did it."

When Korina was told by the doctor that she would have to have a complicated surgery to help her breathing problem, she realised she would need to lose weight with nutrirional counselling and personal training, and managed to shed 49kg in 6 months! Read Korina's story and be motivated to make changes in your life - even drastic ones - to seek a happier, healthier quality of life. 

Rebecca - Support Worker, Queensland

"Running is definitely my 'happy place'."

9 months after her diagnosis with anxiety, Rebecca is feeling on top of the world through finally finding an outlet for her nervous energy - running! Never a passionate sports person, now Rebecca is preparing for a 12km trail run for charity in July. Read her story and be motivated to find something that you love and do it. 

Rachel & Derek, "Team House"

"We swam, rode and ran our way to Half Ironman/Woman glory."

When Rachel and Derek decided to represent HWNS in a Half Ironman event, they set their sights on finishing the race and having fun along the way - and so began "Team House", a group for anyone from HWNS who would like to get involved in triathlons with their colleagues. There are so many distances to choose from, and you can swim, ride or run in the team or do all three. Read their story and be inspired to take up the challenge and get involved.

Danielle - Volunteer Coordinator

"I believe that food can be a healer for all different types of illnesses, diseases and conditions...its what our ancestors used!"

Faced with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2012, Danielle started researching how diet can heal diseases. She came across Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis (OMS), a specific diet and lifestyle program based on 50 years of extensive research and evidence, which focuses on eliminating MS in the body. Hear about Dani's journey into starting the program, and why she is motivated to maintain such a strict and healthy lifestyle. 

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